In Kyiv during the war banned the sale and launch of fireworks, as well as driving around the city in cars without a muffler

Anhelina Sheremet

During the war, the Kyiv City Council banned the sale and launch of fireworks in the capital, as well as traffic in cars without mufflers.

This was announced on Thursday, June 23, by Kyiv Mayor Vitaliy Klitschko.

Thus, the decision on fireworks stipulates that for the period of martial law and 30 days after its termination in the territory of Kyiv it is prohibited to sell fireworks, fireworks and pyrotechnics, as well as to launch them. The decision to ban driving through the city without a muffler will be in force in the capital until martial law is lifted.

"Today we decided to ban the sale and launch of fireworks in Kyiv during the war and the movement of cars without a muffler in the city. A few years ago there was a decision to ban fireworks, but we see that not everyone is behaving adequately. Ukraine is at war, the shelling of our cities continues, and some citizens are arranging fireworks. Or drive through the streets by car, like a jet. There should be the responsibility for this," Vitaliy Klitschko stressed.