Adviser to the head of OP Podoliak considers the discussion on granting Nevzorov Ukrainian citizenship to be artificial

Sofiia Telishevska, Maria Zhartovska

In an interview with Babel, Mykhailo Podoliak, an adviser to the head of the OP, said that the discussion on granting citizenship to Russian journalist Alexander Nevzorov was artificial.

"In my opinion, our split is always artificial. Because they make political careers there and conduct very easy campaigns with the election of themselves somewhere to get a stake in parliament and then in government. I hoped that with the beginning of the war we would grow up somewhere. But look, we have everything that certain political groups do, they are gradually turning to derogatory rhetoric. Not them personally — but their network infrastructure," Podoliak said.

Journalist Maria Zhartovska reminded the adviser that next to Nevzorov is Anastasia Leonova, who in 2015 was in the "Right Sector" and is now in the Marines. She was given a residence permit in Ukraine with great difficulty on the eve of being sent to the front, and this is not an isolated story.

To which Podoliak replied: "I think many parameters of granting citizenship or residence permit for people who are really active in defending Ukraine will be revised, and we will really address these issues."

  • In early June, it became known that Russian journalist Alexander Nevzorov had applied for Ukrainian citizenship. Russia has opened a criminal case against him for spreading the truth about the war.