Fifty residents of Lysychansk are suspected of treason. They surrendered positions of the Armed Forces to Russians through Starlink

Kostia Andreikovets

The security service and law enforcement officers checked more than 50 residents of Lysychansk city, bordering Sievierodonetsk, who could hand over positions of the Armed Forces to the Russians, the head of the Luhansk Oblast military administration Sergey Haidai reported.

According to him, the suspects in treason used the Starlink satellite Internet installed in the humanitarian headquarters to transmit information to the occupiers via Telegram.

“They came, took the humanitarian aid, asked for help — received it, and without leaving the headquarters — betrayed Ukraine. They knew that their actions killed and destroyed. What for did you betray your people?” Haidai wrote on Facebook.

He added that the Security Service of Ukraine has already identified communication channels between the occupiersʼ representatives and the so-called fire correctors.

  • Lysychansk currently lives under constant shelling by the Russian occupiers. On Sunday, June 12, a six-year-old child died from the Russian fire.