Minister of Health: During the war 672 medical facilities were damaged, 115 of them were completely destroyed

Anna Kholodnova

To date, 672 health care facilities in Ukraine have been damaged by the war. Of these, 115 are not recoverable.

This was announced by the Minister of Health Viktor Lyashko on the air of the national telethon.

According to him, new modern hospitals are planned to be built on the site of the completely destroyed medical institutions.

Russian troops are also destroying Ukrainian pharmacies. So far, 426 pharmacies have been damaged, 33 of which have been completely destroyed.

"I also met today with the largest networks of laboratories that conducted tests necessary for the treatment or diagnosis of various diseases. And there are also a large number of destroyed fence posts and laboratories," Lyashko said.

The Minister of Health also noted that health care facilities are already being rebuilt. Of the 672 damaged medical facilities, more than 40 have already been completely restored — there were minor injuries. There are institutions that are already making new roofs to prepare for winter.

"But there are institutions that we have just begun to rebuild completely from scratch. In particular, we are talking about Kyiv oblast, the Center for Primary Health Care in Makariv district. There have already been architectural surveys of the destroyed site, and prepared design and estimate documentation, which is now tied to the construction site. And we are starting the restoration, which we plan to complete in early autumn. The situation is the same in another settlement in Kyiv oblast. We will slowly restore," Viktor Lyashko said.