Russian occupiers plan to release captured Ukrainians on minefields to demine Mariupol

Anna Kholodnova

The occupiers of the Russian Federation offer to "demine" Mariupol by releasing captured Ukrainians to minefields.

The Security Service of Ukraine has learned about the plans of the invaders from another interception of Russian telephone conversations.

For their purposes, the Russian military has even coined a new term — "natural demining".

"It seems that the moment was being discussed: to help you or the city of Mariupol for natural demining, or for the trenches, they want to use detainees from Melitopol," a Russian "FSB officer" with the call sign "Kaspiy" told another occupier.

He also notes that this plan has already been agreed with local collaborators who play the role of the occupying power: "Thor" (FSB officer of Russia) told me that you took the initiative. The main thing now is to think of an [implementation] mechanism,” says the Russian.