The pseudo-Minister of Justice of the “Donetsk Peopleʼs Republic” was informed about the suspicion of collaboration with the occupiers

Julia Sheredeha

The Kyiv City Prosecutorʼs Office reported suspicion of collaboration with the occupiers of the “Donetsk Peopleʼs Republic” pseudo-Minister of Justice Yuriy Syrovatka (Part 6 of Article 111-1 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine).

This was reported in the Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine.

According to the investigation, in April 2022 the suspect, holding the position of the so-called Minister of Justice of the “DPR”, in order to form an opinion among citizens about the legitimacy of the Russian occupation administration, publicly spoke about the establishment and operation of so-called justice units in the occupied territories. He performed in the temporarily occupied settlements of Donetsk oblast— in Mariupol, Volnovakha, Nikolske, and Manhush.

The pseudo-minister also took part in the signing of a cooperation agreement between the Ministries of Justice of the “DPR” and the Russian Federation in May this year, as well as in the opening of the civil registry department in occupied Mariupol.