Zelensky commented on granting citizenship to Russian journalist Nevzorov and arrival in Ukraine of ex-propagandist Ovsyannikova

Anna Kholodnova, Maria Zhartovska

Volodymyr Zelenskyi commented on granting Ukrainian citizenship to Russian journalist Oleksandr Nevzorov and the arrival in Ukraine of former Russian propaganda media editor Marina Ovsyannikova during todayʼs meeting with journalists.

Asked by a Babel correspondent, the president said he knew Nevzorov wanted Ukrainian citizenship because the Russian journalist supported Ukraine.

"I can tell you that we started this conversation. If we have the opportunity to shake the Russian government, we must do all this jointly with Russian citizens who are completely for Ukraine, and completely against the position of President Putin. I think we should do it together. We must use any weapon," Zelensky said.

He also cited the example of other Russians who support Ukraine — Andriy Makarevich and Lia Akhedzhakova.

"I believe that this is a weapon of Ukraine. People who have any non-Ukrainian citizenship, but who clearly state their pro-Ukrainian position against the Russian government. They are on our side, I think so,"said the President.

Asked about the arrival of ex-propagandist Marina Ovsyannikova, the president said he was not following it because it was not a priority for him.

"If a person is banned, this person does not enter the state. If it is not banned, it can be done," Zelensky said.

When journalists clarified that Ovsyannikova stressed the need to lift sanctions on Russians, Zelensky said he understood what to do.

"You could have told me about it before. I realized what I need to do, can I not talk about it on the air? I received a signal from you, "the President said.