El Pais: Spain is ready to supply Ukraine with German Leopard tanks and anti-aircraft missiles

Oleg Panfilovych

Spain is ready to hand over German Leopard tanks and anti-aircraft missile batteries to Ukraine.

This was reported by El Pais.

In particular, the Spanish government is ready to provide Leopard A4 battle tanks, which have been in the warehouses of the Spanish armyʼs logistics base in Zaragoza for ten years. These tanks are part of a batch of 108 used units that Germany sold to Spain in 1995. Sources in the publication say that about 40 tanks can be repaired and delivered to the Ukrainian army.

In addition, it is reported that Spain plans to supply Kyiv with batteries of Shorad Aspide anti-aircraft missiles, which the Spanish army has replaced with another more modern system. The decision to send them may be made after negotiations between the Ukrainian Armaments Coordination Center in Stuttgart.

The Spanish government also offered Ukraine to conduct military training in the handling of Leopard tanks. The training will initially take place in Latvia, where the Spanish army has deployed a contingent of 500 soldiers and six Leopard 2E tanks. At the second stage, the training of Ukrainian tankers will take place in Spain.