The Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to regain control of Sieverodonetsk

Oleg Panfilovych

The Ukrainian military is trying to regain complete control of Sieverodonetsk, stated the head of the Sieverodonetsk Military Civic Administration, Olexander Stryuk.

"Orcs had some military success and managed to get into the city and capture a significant part of it, almost splitting it in half, if we talk about residential areas where they can feel confident. But our military managed to regroup and build a line of defense. And now, all the necessary measures are being taken to return the city to complete control of Ukraine. The city remains Ukrainian, "he said.

According to Stryuk, the situation is "quite tense, but there is hope and confidence in the Armed Forces that everything will work out."

He reminded us that about 13,000 people remained in Severodonetsk before the Russians stormed it. "Given that the street fighting has been going on for three days now, the population that was there remains, except for a small part, which the orcs managed to transfer to the occupied territory forcibly," Stryuk said.