Ammonia leaked in Donetsk oblast. A cloud of gas is moving towards Bakhmut

Anna Kholodnova

In the Bakhmut district as a result of hostilities the tightness of the branch of the ammonia pipeline "Togliatti — Odesa" was damaged.

This was announced by the head of the Donetsk Oblast Military Administration Pavlo Kyrylenko.

According to him, this branch has not been used since 2014, the valves are closed, but ammonia is now flowing out of it. A cloud of ammonia is moving over the ground from the village of Travneve towards Bakhmut.

Bakhmut, Hladosove, Dacha, Mykolayivka Druha, Odradivka and Opytne may fall into the affected area.

Updated at 5:40 pm:

There is no threat to Bakhmut.

Rescuers conducted a survey - approximately 250 tons of ammonia is located on the 7.5 km section of the pipeline. Leakage is insignificant. The radius of possible damage by the ammonia cloud is about 4 km.

The affected area - Kodema, Hladosove, Semihiria, Dacha, Mykolayivka Druha, and Dolomitne.

45 specialists and 9 tankers were involved in the liquidation of the consequences of the accident.

Local authorities have informed the public about the necessary security measures. Rescuers are ready to eliminate the consequences of the accident. There is currently no information on casualties.

Rules of conduct in the conditions of emission (outflow) of ammonia:

  • it is necessary to leave the infected area perpendicular to the wind direction;
  • if it is not possible to leave the area of infection, it is necessary to take shelter in shelters, basements, apartments (houses), pre-sealing windows, doors, ventilation (preferably a cloth soaked in a weak solution of citric acid, vinegar, or just water);
  • in the apartment (house) it is desirable to go to the bathroom and turn on the shower for fine spraying (water absorbs ammonia from the air), do not turn on ventilation (removes clean air and tightens contaminated);
  • if you smell ammonia — breathe through a damp gauze bandage (preferably moistened with 5% acetic or citric acid solution).

First aid for ammonia poisoning:

  • remove the affected person to fresh air;
  • give him warm milk with baking soda;
  • wear a cotton gauze bandage soaked in water, preferably a 5% solution of acetic or citric acid;
  • in case of contact with eyes — rinse them with water or wipe with Vaseline or olive oil;
  • in case of skin lesions — wash with clean water, make lotions with 5% acetic or citric acid solution.