North Korea launches three missiles hours after US President Joe Biden leaves Asia

Julia Sheredeha

Today, North Korea launched three missiles, including one considered the largest intercontinental ballistic missile, after US President Joe Biden completed a trip to Asia, during which he agreed to new measures to deter a nuclear power.

This was reported by Reuters.

South Korean Deputy National Security Adviser Kim Tae-hye said the DPRK had also conducted "several experiments" with a detonation device in preparation for its seventh nuclear test, but that the test was unlikely to take place "in the coming days" but rather "later".

In response, the United States and South Korea conducted joint combat firing exercises, including ground-to-ground missile tests involving the US Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) and the South Korean Hyunmoo-2 SRBM missile.

In a telephone conversation with US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, the South Korean Defense Minister called for the deployment of US strategic assets, and both sides agreed to strengthen increased US deterrence to counter North Korean provocations, the South Korean Defense Ministry said.

"The demonstration of the strength of our military was intended to underscore our determination to respond to any provocation by North Korea, including the launch of ICBMs, as well as our overwhelming ability and readiness to strike a ʼsurgicalʼ strike as a result of the provocation," the Joint Chiefs of Staff said. South Korea.