Artillery and radar: Biden announces new military aid package to Ukraine

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

US President Joe Biden has announced a new package of military aid to Ukraine. This is another batch of howitzers and radars.

The White House press service writes about it.

Biden first thanked the Senate for approving a bill to provide Ukraine with $ 40 billion in aid. He reminded that the United States has already delivered a record amount of aid to Ukraine and will continue to increase it.

"And today, I am announcing another package of security assistance that will provide additional artillery, radars, and other equipment to Ukraine, which they are already using so effectively on the battlefield," Biden said.

Details of the aid were later released at the Pentagon. The United States will hand over 18,155-mm howitzers, 18 tugs to move them, as well as three radars and other equipment. The total cost of the aid is $ 100 million.

In total, the United States has already provided $ 4.6 billion in military aid to Ukraine.