In Kyiv, tickets to ride in minibuses will rise to 15 hryvnia

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

In Kyiv, private carriers plan to raise prices to UAH 15 from May 21. This is due to the high cost of fuel.

This was stated in a comment to "Segodnya" by the chairman of the Association of Carriers of Kyiv and Kyiv region, Ihor Moiseenko.

“Travel is becoming more expensive in almost all private minibuses in Kyiv. The fare will be 15 hryvnias for 90% of private minibuses. Literally, on 7-8 short routes, the fare will cost 12 hryvnias,” he explained.

In addition to fuel, spare parts and fuels and oil became more expensive. According to Moiseenko, the number of people has decreased, so the cost of the trip has increased significantly.

At the same time, the price of Kyivpastrans minibuses will remain unchanged at UAH 10. So far, the city is paying subsidies to public transport so as not to raise prices.