Zaporizhzhia Oblast Military Administration: The occupiers are preparing Enerhodar for the “referendum”

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

The Zaporizhzhia Oblast Military Administration reported that the Russians had begun preparing the occupied city of Enerhodar for a so-called referendum. The occupiers want to create a picture that the locals allegedly want to join Russia.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast Military Administration wrote about this on its Telegram channel.

"The occupiers were instructed to prepare Enerhodar for the so-called referendum. "The Russians want to create an informational picture that the residents of the nuclear city are expressing their desire to join Russia and finally join the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant to Rosatom to destroy Ukraineʼs energy system," they said.

Zaporizhzhia Oblast Military Administration told that in the city Russians went to apartments and kidnapped men. It is currently known about six abductees. Also, Russian troops are digging trenches and building fortifications around the city.