A modular settlement for people who have lost their homes will be built in Borodyanka town


A modular settlement will open in Borodyanka, Kyiv Oblast, for the locals who lost their homes due to the occupation of the town.

This was announced by the head of the Oblast Military Administration Oleksandr Pavlyuk.

The settlement will consist of four complexes. Each will have 22 modules for living, as well as a kitchen, shower, toilet and other necessary living space. The work on constructing the modules is underway.

The temporary settlement will be located on the territory of the local stadium. All four complexes are planned to be installed on May 16. The structures that make up the temporary town came to Borodyanka as aid from the Polish government.

The head of the oblast administration also said that the possibility of establishing modular settlements in other towns affected by the occupiers is being considered.

"Many residents of Kyiv Oblast have lost their homes as a result of brutal shelling by the invaders. Therefore, our key task is to provide people with temporary housing. Modular towns are the best option while the issue of buying or building new homes is being resolved. We will be able to implement similar projects in other settlements affected by the occupiers. We are currently considering this possibility," he said.