In Kherson oblast, the occupiers organized a “celebration” of Victory Day

Sofiia Telishevska

In Kherson Oblast, Russian occupation forces celebrated May 9. They forced locals to hold rallies, lay flowers at monuments and hold holiday concerts to film propaganda stories for Russian television.

This is reported by local channels on social networks.

In Kherson, in the Park of Glory, the occupiers gathered people with Soviet symbols and Russian flags. Among others, collaborators Volodymyr Saldo, Kyrylo Stremousov and Oleksiy Zhuravko came there. Earlier, the Russians intended to bring the Crimean people to the celebration.

A similar action is taking place in Nova Kakhovka, where people gathered near the Eternal Flame in the Park of Glory.

The "celebration" also took place in bombed and destroyed Mariupol.