Gaidai: Russians are trying to cut off Luhansk Oblast from Ukraine and block the “road of life” there

Julia Sheredeha

The head of the Luhansk Oblast State Administration, Serhiy Haidai, said that Russian troops had crossed the Siversky Donets River and could cut the "road of life" between Lysychansk and Bakhmut.

If the Russian troops consolidate, be able to develop an offensive and get closer to the road, Luhansk Oblast will be cut off from Ukraine — this will mean the loss of a single path to security and communication with other regions.

According to Haidai, the fighting on the part of Rubizhne continues, the situation is consistently difficult, but the Ukrainian defenders are holding the defense firmly. Yesterday, the Russians lost 5 tanks and several dozen soldiers killed.

In Voyevodovka, Zolote and Hirske, the situation is more stable and under control for the Ukrainian side.

In the area of Popasna, where Ukrainian troops have occupied new frontiers, the defense is reliable, and there are no breakthroughs.

The most difficult direction today is Belohorivka: the Russians managed to build a temporary pontoon crossing there and transport their military equipment and personnel on it. But at the moment, there is no crossing, and the Ukrainian military is currently clearing the territory of Russian forces.