Evening General Staff Summary: The enemy focuses on destroying airfields and intensifying fighting in the East

Oleg Panfilovych

Operational information from the General Staff as of 18:00:

  • the main efforts of the enemy focused on the destruction of airfield infrastructure to deprive the Armed Forces of the opportunity to use aircraft, including Bayraktar drones, to support the actions of air units in the environmental zone and the Black Sea Operational Zone;
  • in the East, during the last day, the enemy intensified hostilities. In the Lyman direction, the enemy tried to take full control of the village of Oleksandrivja, as well as with the support of artillery to gain a foothold in the northern outskirts of the village Shandryholove. It was unsuccessful;
  • in the Popasna direction, the enemy tries to take positions in Popasna and take control of the section of the Popasna-Bakhmut highway, leading to an unsuccessful offensive in the direction of the settlement of Novoselivka. In the Mariupol direction, the intensity of hostilities decreased;
  • in the South Buh direction, the enemy is trying to hold positions with forces of up to 15 battalion tactical groups;
  • the occupiers are filtering units of the Rosguard in the areas of the settlements of Heroyske, Hola Prystan, and Kherson.
  • the moral and psychological condition of the occupiers remains low; there is a systematic use of alcoholic beverages and desertion. Personnel of enemy units complains about the ineffectiveness of their attacks on the positions of the Armed Forces in the area of Huliaipole.