Azov Regiment claims that about 2,500 Russian servicemen were killed in Mariupol. Another 5,000 were injured

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

The Azov Regiment, which is currently being blocked at the Azovstal plant, said that 2,500 Russian servicemen had been killed during the fighting in Mariupol. Another 5,000 were injured, stated officer of the Regiment Illia Samoilenko.

He stressed that the Azov fighters did all this without aircraft and artillery support. The Azov member noted that they are not considering surrendering because the Russian military will not spare their lives.

Also, Azov currently cannot confirm the evacuation of all civilians from the plant, which Ukrainian authorities reported about. Ukrainian fighters call on the world community to help them immediately and organize the extraction from the plant because there are many wounded at Azovstal.

In addition, according to Ukrainian fighters, a total of about 25,000 civilians were killed in Russian bombings in Mariupol.