”Grandmother with a red flag” is rescued by the Ukrainian military. The Russians fired on and destroyed her house

Anna Kholodnova

"Grandma with the Red Flag" is in a Ukrainian hospital, she is supported by the Ukrainian military. The Russians destroyed her house.

This was reported by the Center for Strategic Communications.

According to the Centerʼs staff, the woman, who has already become a symbol of Russian propaganda because she "boldly opposed the nationalists", is actually grateful to the Ukrainian military. They support her with food, as well as protect her from the wrath of Kharkiv residents.

Anna Ivanivna explained that she came out with a red flag to what she thought was the Russian military so that they "would not destroy Ukraine". And in Russia, her motives have been distorted, making her now feel like a "traitor."

She is currently in one of Kharkivʼs city hospitals with her husband. The Ukrainian military urged people not to despise the woman.

"Now that Anna Ivanovna has received a mine in the yard from the Russians and help from the Ukrainians, her grandson is fleeing to Poland, when she learned about Bucha and everything else, she threw that red flag away," said a Ukrainian soldier with the call sign "Cadet". who helps a woman.

  • Earlier, the Ukrainian military released a video in which they are met by an old woman with a red Soviet flag. Then the woman said she was looking forward to them and "prayed for Putin and for the whole nation". Ukrainian defenders gave her food.
  • This video was picked up by propagandists from Russia. The "Grandma with the Red Flag" quickly became a symbol of "Russiaʼs support for Ukraine". In Russia and the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine, murals were painted, banners were hung, and monuments to the woman were erected.