Poll: 80% of Europeans approve of Ukraineʼs financial support and support sanctions against Russia

Anna Kholodnova

Europeans support the EUʼs response to the war in Ukraine. Most of them support Ukraine and its people, and approve of sanctions against Russia.

This is evidenced by a survey by the EUʼs statistical office Eurobarometer.

According to it, most Europeans believe that since the beginning of Russiaʼs war against Ukraine, the European Union has shown solidarity (79%) and was united (63%) and quick (58%) in its response.

The respondents also widely support the unwavering support of Ukraine and its people.

In particular, 93% of respondents approve of providing humanitarian aid to people affected by the war. 88% of Europeans support the idea of sheltering people fleeing the war in the EU. 80% approve of the financial support provided to Ukraine. 66% agree that "Ukraine should join the EU when it is ready", 71% believe that Ukraine is part of the European family, and 89% sympathize with Ukrainians.

Support for sanctions against Russia following its attack on Ukraine is also very high. 80% of respondents approve of economic sanctions against Russia. 79% of Europeans are in favor of sanctions against Russian oligarchs.

Two thirds of Europeans (67%) support the financing of the purchase and supply of military equipment to Ukraine. In addition, 75% believe that the war in Ukraine shows that "more military cooperation is needed within the EU."

The poll also shows broad support for EU energy action to eliminate dependence on Russian fuel. Thus, 86% of respondents are in favor of filling gas storage facilities in the European Union to avoid the risk of shortages for next winter, 85% approve measures to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, transport and goods. 84% support the view that the war in Ukraine is forcing the EU to invest in renewable energy.

90% of respondents believe that the EU needs to take measures to limit the impact of rising energy prices on consumers and companies. 86% of respondents say that rising energy prices have a significant impact on their purchasing power.

  • The Eurobarometer survey was conducted in 27 EU member states from 13 to 20 April 2022. 26,066 EU citizens took part in the online survey.