Ukraine has launched the state platform United24 to raise funds for aid

Anna Kholodnova

Ukraine launches global initiative United24.

This was announced by President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Its first component is an online platform to raise funds in support of Ukraine. The funds are distributed in three areas of assistance:

  • defense and demining;
  • humanitarian and medical care;
  • reconstruction of Ukraine.

Other projects and programs will soon join it.

United24 provides the ability to make a donation in one click from any country. All funds are transferred to the accounts of the National Bank of Ukraine, assigned to the relevant ministries: the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine.

The NBU will report on the receipt of charitable contributions through United24 every 24 hours. The line ministries will report on the appointment of contributions once a week.