The Russian general rewarded his son, who took part in the attack on Chernihiv. His regiment suffered heavy losses, and the offensive failed

Kostia Andreikovets

The commander of the Central Military District of Russia, Colonel-General Alexander Lapin, awarded his son Denis Lapin two medals and two orders for participating in the failed offensive of Russian troops in Sumy and Chernihiv.

This was reported by the Russian Air Force.

36-year-old lieutenant colonel Denis Lapin received awards for "courage and heroism in the liberation of settlements in the Chernihiv Oblast", according to a story on the propaganda Zvezda TV channel from March 29. However, the Russian army did not achieve any military success in the Chernihiv direction — on the day of the report, the Russian authorities announced the withdrawal of troops from Kyiv and Chernihiv Oblasts.

The generalʼs son commands the 1st Guards Tank Regiment, which is part of the Taman Motorized Rifle Division. This regiment, as well as part of the division, suffered huge losses in battles with the Armed Forces. Many of Lapinʼs subordinates either died or were taken prisoner.

Among them are the company commander, Captain Rasim Tagiyev, the deputy commander of the armament regiment, Yevhen Starodubov, and many others. Starodubov himself said in captivity that together with him the Ukrainian military detained 18 Russian servicemen.

Telegram-channel Search for your guys published at least 19 interrogations of servicemen of unit 58198, where Denis Lapin serves.