The European Union plans to buy African gas instead of Russian

Anna Kholodnova

The European Union plans to step up cooperation with African countries to replace Russian gas imports.

This was reported by Bloomberg.

The EU intends to reduce energy dependence on Moscow by almost two-thirds this year.

According to a draft EU document available to journalists, African countries, particularly in the western part of the continent, such as Nigeria, Senegal and Angola, offer much untapped potential for liquefied natural gas.

The EU plan also envisages an increase in liquefied natural gas imports by 50 billion cubic meters and an increase in pipeline gas shipments from other countries by 10 billion cubic meters. In addition, they plan to establish relationships with traditional suppliers on a new basis and expand trade with new fuel suppliers.

The document refers to an additional 15 billion cubic meters of liquefied natural gas from the United States in 2022 and about 50 billion cubic meters annually by 2030. The EU also plans to increase gas supplies from Azerbaijan to 20 billion cubic meters per year.