CIT: Chief of General Staff Gerasimov was evacuated from Belgorod, Russia. He could be in occupied Isium

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

The group of investigators of the Conflict Intelligence Team reported that yesterday in Belgorod near the border with Ukraine were spotted planes of the Ministry of Defense of Russia and the Rosguard (flight numbers RF-85042 and RF-85136). Today they were joined by an RA-85426 board of the Ministry of Defense, and soon two Mi-8 transport helicopters arrived, accompanied by Ka-52 attack helicopters.

This is stated in the Twitter group.

CIT sources say that one of the helicopters brought to the planes of the Chief of the General Staff of Russia Valery Gerasimov, who soon flew to Moscow.

"This may be an indirect confirmation of rumors that Gerasimov was present in the occupied Izium — on the mainline of Russiaʼs offensive in Donbas, and statements by Ukrainians that the command post in this area was destroyed," — said in CIT.

Gerasimovʼs injuries in Ukraine were reported by Telegram channels and former Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov.

Meanwhile, an explosion occurred in Belgorod Oblast. The local governor confirmed that the fire was going on at the Russian Ministry of Defense facilities. He also said that one civilian was injured and seven houses were damaged. Based on his reports, it can be concluded that the fire broke out in an ammunition depot, and the shells could have spread to surrounding villages.

CIT head Ruslan Leviev added that "the column of smoke that everyone is publishing now is not from the Belgorod airport, everything is calm there."