Russian troops fired 50 air strikes on Mariupol overnight, dropped phosphorus bombs

Kostia Andreikovets

The Azov Regiment said that last night Russian troops launched almost 50 airstrikes on Mariupol and dropped a large number of phosphorus bombs. In addition, the enemyʼs artillery was constantly shooting.

In his address, Deputy Commander of the Azov Regiment, Captain Sviatoslav Palamar, once again called on the authorities to take measures to unblock the city and evacuate residents and defenders.

"This night was just a colossal number of airstrikes, phosphorus bombs, missiles, artillery and everything that a barbarian can use against humanity [...]. We are promised [help], but they do not act. Donʼt act at a time when the soldier is slowly dying from airstrikes. He is our hero, but we canʼt help him. [...] Iʼm not saying that they didnʼt help us, Iʼm not criticizing. [...] I call on the military-political leadership to take decisive action to unblock or evacuate all those who hope and believe in the Motherland," he said.

Later, the Azov Regiment showed the results of the shelling — an operating room collapsed in the Azovstal storage facility. Among the wounded servicemen are dead, newly wounded and injured.