NBC: US intelligence helps Ukraine maintain air defense and aviation

Anna Kholodnova

US intelligence helped Ukraine maintain aircraft and air defense systems before the Russian invasion.

This was reported by NBC.

The United States provided Ukraine with information on where Russia would launch missile strikes on February 24, allowing the Ukrainian army to disperse its troops. In addition, such intelligence, which Ukraine actually receives in real-time, helped in the first days of the invasion to shoot down a Russian transport plane with hundreds of soldiers flying to the airport near Kyiv.

U.S. officials say the exchange of information continues.

"We regularly provide detailed, timely intelligence to Ukrainians on the battlefield to help them defend their country from Russian aggression, and we will continue to do so," a White House spokesman said.

Ukraine is constantly changing the location of aircraft and air defense, as soon as the United States receives information about the preparation of a missile strike by the Russians.

"The Russian military is literally breaking empty fields where the air defense system was once installed," they said.