Gazprombank Vice President Igor Volobuyev left Russia for Kyiv because of the war — and now he still wants to defend himself

Anhelina Sheremet

Former vice-president of Russiaʼs Gazprombank Igor Volobuyev has already left Russia for Ukraine and intends to join the ranks of territorial defense "to defend the homeland" — he comes from Okhtyrka, Sumy oblast.

Volobuev told this in an interview with The Insider.

"I could no longer be in Russia. I am Ukrainian by nationality, I was born in Okhtyrka, I could no longer watch from the side that Russia is doing with my homeland. My visit is like repentance, I want to wash away my Russian past. I want to stay in Ukraine until victory", Volobuyev said.

He left Russia on March 2, after that he was fired from the bank. He traveled to Ukraine via Turkey, Latvia and Poland, and now intends to join the ranks of territorial defense.

  • Until March 2022, Igor Volobuyev was the vice president of Gazprombank, and before that he headed the press service of Gazprom for many years. It is through Gazprombank that Europe pays for Russian gas, and it is in this bank that accounts must be opened to pay for gas supplies in rubles.