The Security Service of Ukraine has denied Putinʼs words about the preparation of an assassination attempt on a propagandist Solovyov

Anhelina Sheremet

The Security Service of Ukraine has denied the words of Russian President Vladimir Putin about the alleged plans to assassinate Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov. "The assassination attempt was allegedly prepared by "neo-Nazis at the request of the Security Service of Ukraine."

"The Security Service has no plans to kill Solovyov. At the same time, given the number of fakes and anti-Ukrainian hatred that this person broadcasts, he can choke on the "products" of his own low-level propaganda activities," the Security Service of Ukraine said.

They added that Solovyov, who is a propagandist, will be held accountable for his crimes in international courts after Ukraineʼs victory.

  • On April 25, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russian security forces had been able to obtain information about an attempt to eliminate Vladimir Solovyov, a "popular Russian journalist." The assassination was allegedly planned by the Security Service of Ukraine, and the "mercenaries" had to do it. Russian security forces also said they had detained the same "group" that was supposed to kill Solovyov and found "nationalist literature" on them.