Russia may use chemical weapons in Odesa. Russia is already accusing Ukraine

Anna Kholodnova

The Ministry of Defense of Russia stated that the special services of Ukraine are allegedly preparing a provocation with the use of chemicals in the port of Odesa. With such statements, Russia is apparently trying to justify its probable future crime.

This was reported by the Russian media Meduza.

Here is what the statement of the interdepartmental coordination headquarters for the humanitarian response of the Russian Defense Ministry says:

"In the area of the Odesa port "Yuzhnyi", the special services of Ukraine are planning a provocation with the use of toxic chemicals to accuse Russian troops of allegedly striking at civilian infrastructure. A probable scenario could be an imitation of a missile strike by the Russian armed forces on the western maritime base of the Ukrainian Navy, as a result of which the refrigeration plant of the port, located 500 meters from the military facility, will be blown up. To implement this scenario, an ammonia tank (10 tons) was delivered to the territory of the enterprise on April 18, 2022, and individual means of protection were issued to law enforcement officers and special services in Odesa Oblast.”