Ukrainian drones have discovered a large cemetery of Russian equipment in the Belgorod oblast

Kostia Andreikovets

Ukrainian intelligence service, with the help of the Leleka drone, found a large cemetery in the Belgorod oblast of destroyed and damaged Russian equipment that took part in the invasion of Ukraine.

This was reported by the tabloid The Sun, whose correspondent visited the location of the intelligence service.

The Russians abandoned the equipment in the village of Golovchino, located 16 kilometers from the border. The UAV filmed 57 combat vehicles at the "cemetery". Among them are at least 17 T-72 and T-90 tanks, 7 self-propelled artillery units, including MSTA and 2C3 Acacia mobile howitzers, mechanized bridges, armored combat vehicles, and two tank evacuation vehicles.

  • The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reports that as of April 22, in the war against Ukraine, the Russian army lost 838 tanks, 2,162 combat vehicles, 397 artillery systems, 138 multiple rocket launchers, and 1,523 vehicles — they were destroyed.