Zelenskyʼs and Poroshenkoʼs teams “went to armistice” during the war, but self-appointed authorities began to make allegations about conflicts

Anna Kholodnova

The Verkhovna Rada has long worked by consensus, but information on conflicts between political forces has already begun to emerge.

This was stated by the First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Oleksandr Kornienko in an interview with Babel.

"On February 23-24, I met with parliamentary political forces, where I was also present. Indeed, there was absolutely open communication that it is better to move together. While the war was unfolding near Kyiv, there were strikes on the capital, secret meetings of parliament with a consensus agenda, it somehow held, but then the same self-appointed authorities on Facebook began to throw information about conflicts in the team, that the main is not the commander in chief, and some other people who have nothing to do with the army at all, and various other narratives", Kornienko said.

He suggests that such "throw-ins" may be an excess of the perpetrator and no one has ordered them, or it could have been a plan from the headquarters of political forces.

"I do not know and it does not matter. The important thing is that all politicians are united: starting with the main opposition politician, and we should pay tribute to them, they do not comment on anything in public, but the blogosphere is doing what it did", said the first vice-speaker.

He adds that if it were now possible to conduct opinion polls not only by phone, we would see that the ratings of the "patriotic opposition forces" are about three times lower than the ratings of the presidential party.

"Therefore, if people have started a political process, we are not against it. But we would like to answer other questions — have we signed a peace treaty? Did we win? Is the war over? Just holding a position for a percentage of the ratings is understandable, but how useful is it for the country? ” Kornienko asks.

According to him, the Verkhovna Rada is now moving from a regime of fully agreed laws to a regime of work in the hall. So far, during the martial law, it will not be possible to return to the rules in full, but by the end of the week, there will be a meeting in a more familiar format. Deputies are going to amend the bills, as usual. There are already many discussions.

"For example, we together with the Cabinet of Ministers believe that the law on privatization should be passed, because now any way to attract investment is important — and this is the way, but Batkivshchyna party is against privatization, especially now", the deputy speaker said.

He adds that there will be no live broadcast for security reasons and the fact that the marathon does not include a live broadcast of the Rada, but there will be media coverage of parliamentary sessions.