”There are questions to law enforcement agencies.” First Vice-Speaker Kornienko called strange the situation with “servant” Kovaliov, who returned to the occupied Kherson Oblast

Anna Kholodnova

Recently, Oleksiy Kovaliov, a Peopleʼs Deputy from the Servant of the People, said that he had returned to the occupied Kherson Oblast, where his district and business are located.

According to Kovalev, the Russian military came to his home in the town of Hola Pristan. But he says he is not cooperating with the occupation authorities.

In an interview with Babel, the First Deputy Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Oleksandr Kornienko called the situation strange and noted that there are questions to law enforcement agencies.

"There are two lines — parliamentary and factional-political, the latter are David Arakhamiya and Olena Shuliak, there is a position on it, as far as I know, the faction is conducting a poll on his status", — said the Deputy Speaker.

He added that he and Ruslan Stefanchuk were a little outraged by the position that Oleksiy Kovaliov did not have time to come to the parliamentary session because there were people who went to the sitting for 50 hours. He also made a public request to go to the Rada, as the constituency is not the deputyʼs main place of work.

"In the first days, they occupied the village near Kyiv, where my parents live. They managed to leave, but for those who remained, for example, I could not help personally, because at best I would have been killed, at worst — would have been taken prisoner. Many politicians and officials are being kidnapped, killed, our party activists are being chased all over Kherson, and here the Peopleʼs Deputyʼs documents were simply checked… So there are questions. I think this is not the end of history, but only its beginning", Korniyenko said.