Operational report of the General Staff: The enemy has been advancing in vain under Izium and cannot renew its personnel

Oleg Panfilovych

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has published an operational report on events at the frontline as of 18:00. The current situation is as follows:

  • The occupiers send damaged equipment to Russia.
  • The enemy tried to advance and storm south of Izium. It was unsuccessful, suffered losses, and retreated to its former positions.
  • In the Maryinka area, Ukrainian troops counterattacked, the enemy suffered losses and retreated. The Armed Forces of Ukraine regained control over this settlement.
  • To renew the staff, the Russians allowed the signing of short-term contracts for a period of three months and simplified the psychophysical selection of future candidates. These measures did not lead to the desired effect.
  • According to available information, since the beginning of the year, only 130 servicemen have been selected for service in 42 units of the Southern Military District — 22 of them have already refused to participate in the so-called "special operation" in Ukraine.
  • According to the General Staff, the personnel of two battalion tactical groups were destroyed in 200 separate motorized infantry brigades of the 14th Army Corps of the Coastal Forces of the Northern Fleet.
  • In addition, three companies of the 51st Parachute Regiment and Company 137 of the Parachute Regiment, which are part of the 106th Parachute Division, were eliminated in Ukraine.