A group of international experts is monitoring the transportation of Russian oil to prevent Russia from circumventing sanctions

Kostia Andreikovets

A group of Ukrainian and international experts analyzing the real impact of sanctions against Russia on sanctions tracks Russian oil tankers

Oleh Ustenko, Advisor to the President on economic issues told The Economist about this.

Experts are tracking the supply of Russian energy through network analysis. Information for the group is provided by both international experts and government officials from other countries and even intelligence.

In addition, the group uses special software to establish the relationship between disparate data. It analyzes the "behavior" of ships, cargo, route, and insurance data, as well as historical models of navigation in different weather and market conditions.

The group has already managed to identify supplies of Kazakh oil, which they believe contain some of the secretly loaded Russian oil, Ustenko said.

Relevant data has already been handed over to governments and companies.