Since the beginning of the war, Ukraine has suffered 200,000 cyber attacks on energy systems

Anna Kholodnova

Since the beginning of the war, more than 200,000 cyber attacks on Ukraineʼs critical infrastructure in the energy sector have been recorded. This was reported in the State Special Service of Ukraine.

In the 47 days of the war, there were more than 200,000 "cyber-attack events" (20,000 in the last week, repulsed). For comparison, there were about 900 thousand such "events" for the whole previous year". The number of DDoS attacks since the beginning of the war was more than 50, in 2021, there were two.

For example, experts discovered malicious software in time, which was to be activated on the evening of April 8. Its activation would lead to the power outage of a certain part of the country and deprive many civilians of electricity supply. The investigation has established that a group of Russian military hackers Sandworm is most likely behind this attack.