Ombudsman Denisova: Ukraine is working to establish a camp for Russian prisoners of war

Anna Kholodnova

Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights Liudmyla Denisova is visiting and monitoring data on the conditions of detention of captured Russian servicemen.

She said this in an interview with LB.

According to Liudmyla Denisova, some prisoners of war are being held in temporary detention facilities, and conditions are currently being checked. Some of them are in other institutions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Denisov does not name the exact number of prisoners, as it is important for negotiations.

"I can say that in Kyiv I saw with my own eyes 34 prisoners of war — 24 privates and 10 officers", she said.

Liudmyla Denisova also said that work to establish a camp for Russian prisoners of war is underway. According to her, there are enough colonies in Ukraine that do not work and do not have detainees. Some of them can be handed over to the Armed Forces, the Ministry of Defense and such a camp can be set up there. As soon as the place is determined, its transfer to the military balance will be completed, then we can talk about it.

According to the Ombudswoman, the cost of keeping a prisoner depends on his whereabouts. In general, it costs the state 50-100 hryvnias, just like ordinary Ukrainian detainees.

Work is also underway to establish prisoner exchange lists.

"We record every story as a war crime because kidnapping and capturing people is a war crime. We then pass on all information and materials about each person sought by relatives to the Joint Center for the Release of Prisoners of War and Missing Persons. All information flows into this center. The management sees which of the people were taken prisoner, and then an exchange list is formed at the highest level. And it takes place, of course, with the other partyʼs consent", said Liudmyla Denisova.