The National Bank will ease restrictions on currency circulation

Anna Kholodnova

The National Bank of Ukraine is preparing to consider some concessions on foreign exchange transactions.

This was reported by "Economichna Pravda".

The head of the National Bank Kyrylo Shevchenko told "Economichna Pravda" that the NBU is recording a reduction in the spread — at the beginning of the war the exchange rate was about 40 hryvnias per dollar, and now the average cash market rate is 31, 63-32.05 hryvnias per dollar.

"We receive indicators from the market on a daily basis and we understand that today the difference between the official exchange rate and the exchange rate on the black market is not what it was at the beginning of the war. It has started to decrease quite significantly, " he said.

As a result, the National Bank will soon consider some concessions on currency exchange. The head of the NBU noted that the partial easing is already in effect — it is expanding the list of cross-border transfers for volunteers and reducing the time of settlements for export-import operations.

According to Kyrylo Shevchenko, further easing of restrictions should be introduced gradually.

"The main thing for us is that the banking system is liquid, it works. Now it is necessary to gradually return the entire range of its inherent functions, " he said.