Mariupol city authorities have published evidence of crimes committed by collaborators in the city

Anna Kholodnova

The Mariupol City Council had convincing evidence of crimes committed by collaborators from the OPZZh (pro-russian party in Ukraine, now banned) in Mariupol.

This was stated in Telegram of the Council.

It is noted that the representatives of Opposition Platform For Life party acted as informants for the Russian army and actually corrected the shelling of critical civilian infrastructure.

"From the first days of the war, the occupiers destroyed the cityʼs livelihood with directed fire. Utilities and machinery. Warehouses with food and medicine. Towers of mobile operators and power lines. Pumping stations and main water supply from the reserve reservoir. All city buses prepared for the evacuation of the population were burned. paralyze the city and create a humanitarian catastrophe", stated the Council.

It is also noted that now OPZZh collaborators in Mariupol are actively promoting the creation of an occupation administration. All materials on them have already been transferred to the Security Service of Ukraine.

The City Council has published their names:

• Ivashchenko Kostiantyn;

• Khadzhinov Dmytro;

• Kharmyshev Yevhen;

• Sotnikova Natalia;

• Karpenko Olena.