The Ministry of Education told how the school week will be held in schools and kindergartens

Anna Kholodnova

The third week of studying in the terms of martial law has begun. Minister of Education of Ukraine Serhiy Shkarlet told the details of the organization of the educational process in Ukraine in the context of the ongoing aggression of the Russian Federation.

Thus, according to the education and science departments of regional military administrations, in 13 oblasts, all schools organized the educational process by distance learning.

Four oblasts organized partially remote learning partially vacations.

In 5 oblasts, the remote learning, vacations or classes are partially suspended.

In 2 oblasts, where the security situation remains tense, the educational process has been suspended.

For distance learning, students and teachers can use the national electronic platform "All-Ukrainian School Online", as well as study in private schools that have provided free access to education on their platforms.

In addition, the All-Ukrainian online schedule has been set and video lessons for students of grades 5-11 are broadcast on PLUSPLUS, Pixel and Public TV channels, as well as online TV platforms MEGOGO, Kyivstar TV, 1 + 1 video, and

Internally displaced children have the opportunity to attend school at their place of temporary residence.

During the week, the number of temporarily internally displaced children who joined studies from other areas increased to almost 51,000 students.

As for kindergartens, in 8 oblasts the kindergarten staff provides the elements of remote learning in the work with children and their parents.

How to lay a foundation for preschool education:

In 8 oblasts, there is a part of gardening vicorist elements and distance learning in robots with vihovantsy and fathers.

In 6 oblasts, some kindergartens resumed their work in the usual format.

In other oblasts, kindergartens do not work.

The Ministry of Education and Science, together with UNICEF, has launched an online kindergarten with video lessons for children aged 3 to 6.