In an interview with The Economist, Zelenskyy divided NATO countries into five camps

Kostia Andreikovets

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy gave a long interview to The Economist. In it, he divided NATO countries into five camps (according to the level of aid to Ukraine) and said that the European Union linked the embargo on Russian gas and oil with the possible use of chemical weapons in Ukraine.

About the camps. The first are those who "are not against a long war, because it will exhaust Russia, even at the cost of the death of Ukraine and Ukrainians." The second wants a quick cessation of hostilities because "the Russian market is large and their economy is suffering from sanctions." The third camp sees "Nazism in Russia" and wants Ukraine to win. The fourth group of countries wants the war to end quickly at any cost because they "above all care about peopleʼs lives.". And the last group — the concerned countries that want peace here and now, because they are "the representation of the Russian Federation in Europe."

About the embargo, Zelensky said: “We hear that the decision [to impose an embargo] depends on whether Russia launches a chemical attack on us. Wrong approach. We are not guinea pigs."