Media: Slovenia secretly provided military aid to Ukraine during the delay of the package from the USA

Olha Bereziuk

Slovenia secretly sent military aid to Ukraine at a time when the US could not pass a law on $60 billion aid to Ukraine for a long time.

This is reported by the Slovenian publication 24UR.

According to journalists, Slovenia sent Ukraine 26 BOV amphibious armored combat vehicles, three M80A infantry fighting vehicles and an unspecified number of HMMWV military vehicles (aka Humvees), as well as a batch of drones.

In addition, the country transferred Zastava M55 anti-aircraft guns, rifles, ammunition and helmets to Ukraine.

The publication also noted that Slovenia has provided Ukraine with "a huge amount" of military, humanitarian and financial aid, and recently the country joined the Czech initiative to purchase ammunition for the Armed Forces, allocating a million euros for it.