In Odesa, a fight broke out between medics and military personnel near the territorial recruit center. The Military Commissariat commented

Oleksandra Amru

In the Kyivsky district of Odesa, a fight broke out near the territorial recruit center (TRC). The footage shared on social networks shows that the conflict took place between medics, people in civilian and military uniforms.

According to the local publication Dumska, the incident occurred because the doctors came to the TRC of the Kyivsky district on a call, but they were allegedly locked up in the TRC by the military, who wanted to mobilize doctors into the army.

Later, ambulance crews with sirens turned on arrived at the Military Commissariat, and the medics staged a protest. There were several fights between medics and soldiers, which were broken up by the police. According to Dumska, a few hours after the clashes, the servicemen released the medics who were detained.

At the same time, TRC employees explain that they detained a man who refused to show his military registration documents. He was taken to the Kyivsky district recruit center in Odesa to update his credentials.

An hour later, a group of people in medical clothes arrived in an ambulance. They claimed that they arrived at the call of the detained man and insisted on his hospitalization. According to the TRC, these people referred to a diagnosis that was not previously confirmed by the doctors of the military medical commission. And at the request of the representatives of the Kyiv district TRC to provide documents that would confirm their membership in the health care system, they refused.

After that, representatives of the TRC called the police. The law enforcement officers who arrived were also not provided with documents that would confirm that these people are doctors. Because of this, they were detained for explanation.

After that, the detainees called the 103 line and reported that the representatives of the Kyivsky district recruit center were forcibly detaining the emergency service workers. In addition to the ambulance, unknown civilians also arrived and provoked the fight. As a result of the incident, both the military TRC and the ambulance medics were injured.