The Ministry of Defense is launching an application for conscripts, conscripts and reservists. Now you can quickly update your data online

Oleksandra Amru

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is launching the "Reserv+" mobile application for conscripts, conscripts and reservists. There you will be able to update your data quickly online.

This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Defense.

The application will become operational on the day the updated law on mobilization comes into force, i.e. tomorrow, May 18. It will be available for download on smartphones through the App Store and Google Play Market.

Starting tomorrow, all conscripts aged 18-60 within 60 days (until July 16 inclusive) must update their credentials: mobile phone, actual place of residence and, if available, e-mail.

During the data update, a referral to the military medical commission will not be issued. Such a referral can be issued later if necessary.

It will be possible to update your data both in territorial procurement centers or centers for the provision of administrative services that operate throughout the country, and online — in the new "Reserv+" application.

"Rezerv+" allows you to quickly update data and provides access to information in the "Oberih" register of conscripts. After updating the data in the application, you will be able to see information from the "Oberih" registry about yourself.

At the same time, updating the data through the territorial recruit center (TRC), in addition to the extract from the register itself, the conscript will also receive a corresponding mark in the military card.

From June 18, a QR code will also appear in the "Reserv+" application, after scanning which the relevant authorities will be able to instantly find out about a manʼs status as a conscript, conscript or reservist.