The Polish Seimas approved changes to the law on assistance to Ukrainian refugees

Sofiia Telishevska

The Polish Seimas (the lower house of the parliament) approved amendments to the law on assistance to citizens of Ukraine in connection with the armed conflict on its territory.

According to the document, the legality of stay for Ukrainians assigned a PESEL UKR number has been extended until September 30, 2025. From next year, payments per child in the amount of 800 zlotys will be tied to compulsory schooling.

The decree continues access to medical, family and social benefits provided by social insurance authorities (ZUS), as well as the possibility of living in collective accommodation.

The amendment also defines the maximum period during which students can participate in additional free Polish language classes — 36 months. The decision will apply to students who started their studies in 2022/2023 and 2023/2024.

The approved changes also concern the four-month extension of the deadline for submitting applications for obtaining a conditional right to engage in medical, dental, medical and midwifery practice.

The law also prescribes new rules for confirming the identity of a citizen of Ukraine applying for a PESEL number. It will be possible to confirm your identity only if you have a valid travel document.

From July 1, financing of accommodation and food for refugees from Ukraine, who are in a particularly difficult situation, will be possible only on the basis of a signed agreement with the local governor.

The rules for reimbursing the costs of accommodation and meals in collective accommodation centers will also change.

The resolution envisages the cancellation of a one-time monetary allowance of 300 zlotys and assistance for financing a photo from July 1 (previously, during the registration of a PESEL UKR, photos were taken for free).

Most of the provisions of the law will enter into force on July 1, but before that the document will be submitted to the Senate for consideration and to be signed by the President of Poland.

  • In February, the Polish government extended temporary protection for refugees until March 2025, but this decision does not apply to Ukrainians.