Occupiers hit a high-rise building in Kharkiv. 20 people were injured

Oleksandra Opanasenko

On the evening of May 14, Russian troops attacked Kharkiv. Currently, 17 victims are known, including three children.

This was announced by the head of the Kharkiv regional military administration Oleg Synegubov, the mayor of Kharkiv Ihor Terekhov, and the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ihor Klymenko.

The occupiers hit the tenth floor of an apartment building. It passed without a fire. There, they conduct an apartment-by-apartment search and look for possible victims. Garages were also attacked — about 10 of them are on fire.

At 7:35 p.m., the Kharkiv Regional Prosecutorʼs Office reported that the number of victims in Kharkiv had increased to 20. Russian troops bombarded the city with UMPB D30-SN guided air bombs. One of the munitions hit a residential building, the other two hit the yard of a residential civilian building in the Shevchenkiv district of the city.

Consequences of the Russian shelling of Kharkiv.

Ігор Клименко / Telegram

About 20 high-rise buildings, an educational institution, 15 garages were destroyed, and cars were destroyed in the city.

Among the injured are a 28-year-old man in serious condition and a 78-year-old woman on average, they were hospitalized. Five more people with an acute reaction to stress, including two children aged 8 and 12. One child was hospitalized with minor injuries.