Britain summons Chinese ambassador after arresting Chinese spies

Olha Bereziuk

The British Foreign Office has summoned Chinaʼs ambassador for talks after three Chinese nationals were accused of aiding Hong Kongʼs secret services.

The press service of the department writes about it.

The British Foreign Office said that "Chinaʼs recent pattern of behavior against Great Britain, including cyber-attacks, reports of espionage links and the payment of bounties, is unacceptable."

The ambassadorʼs call followed the announcement on May 13 that three Chinese nationals had been charged with aiding and abetting foreign intelligence and foreign interference. As Politico writes, it is about Chee Leung Wai, Matthew Trickett and Chung Byu Yuen, who will appear in court on May 24.

Following their arrest, the Chinese embassy in London said it strongly condemned the "baseless accusations against the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region".