The EU Council agreed to expand the mechanism of sanctions against Iran for supporting Russia

Olha Bereziuk

On May 14, the Council of the European Union decided to expand the scope of EU sanctions against Iran in connection with its military support for Russiaʼs war against Ukraine.

The press service of the Council of the EU writes about this.

The current sanctions "framework," adopted in July 2023, bans the export of components used in the production of drones from the EU to Iran, includes travel restrictions, and asset freezes against those responsible for Iranʼs UAV program.

In view of Iranʼs military support for Russiaʼs war, as well as non-state armed groups in the Middle East and the Red Sea region, the EU Council decided to expand restrictions not only on UAVs, but also on missiles.

From now on, the EU will be able to impose sanctions against individuals and legal entities that supply, sell or otherwise participate in the transfer of Iranian missiles and UAVs:

  • in support of Russiaʼs aggressive war against Ukraine;
  • in support of armed groups in the Middle East and the Red Sea region;
  • in violation of UN Security Council Resolution 2216.

Sanctioned persons will be able to be banned from entering the European Union, as well as their assets will be seized. In addition, it is prohibited to provide funds or economic resources to individuals or legal entities, entities or bodies included in the list.