Budanov expects that Russia will soon launch an attack on the Sumy region

Olha Bereziuk

The Main Direcorate of Intelligence (known as GUR) of the Ministry of Defense expects that the Russians will continue active attacks in the Kharkiv region for about three more days, after which they will begin an offensive on Sumy.

The head of GUR Kyrylo Budanov said this in an interview with The New York Times on May 13.

Budanov believes that Russian attacks are aimed at stretching the reserves of Ukrainian troops and distracting them from participating in hostilities in other regions.

According to him, the Ukrainian army is trying to transfer troops from other areas of the front line to strengthen its defenses in the northeast, but it was difficult to find personnel.

"All our forces are either here or in Chasiv Yar. I used everything we have. Unfortunately, we donʼt have anyone else in reserve," says Budanov.

He also noted that Russian attacks are designed to sow panic and confusion in the region.

"For now, our task is to stabilize the front line, and then start pushing them back across the border," he said, adding that the influx of Ukrainian reserves had partially thwarted Russian plans.

According to the head of GUR, Ukrainian troops will be able to strengthen their positions and stabilize the front within the next few days. At the same time, he is expecting a Russian offensive in the Sumy region.

A Ukrainian officer serving near the Russian border in the Sumy region Pavlo Velychko reported that Russian shelling of the Sumy suburbs has recently increased.

"I donʼt know if it means anything, because those places were shelled so often. In any case, we are in full combat readiness," he added.

Meanwhile, the evacuation of border settlements continues in the Sumy region, and on May 13, residents of Bilopillia and Vorozhba also began to be evacuated, the Regional Military Administration reported.

Russian offensive on the Kharkiv region

On the morning of May 10, Russia launched a new offensive in the Kharkiv region, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy said. He emphasized that the Defense Forces knew about the plans of the occupiers in the region and were preparing a counterattack. Later, the General Staff of the Armed Forces reported that the occupiers "wedged themselves into the defense." Currently, the operational situation remains complex and dynamically changing. Battles for Vovchansk are currently underway. So far, the enemy has had tactical success.

According to DeepState, on May 12, the enemy occupied the villages of Morokhovets, Oliynikove and Zelene and continues to move towards the village of Liptsi. Active fighting continues for Lukyantsi, which the enemy has almost completely occupied. The occupiers are also trying to gain a foothold in Hlyboky and are making their way to Vovchansk. The city is under heavy shelling, the evacuation of the civilian population is ongoing.

The prosecutorʼs office reported that Russian troops captured Ukrainian civilians during the offensive in the Vovchan community. Local residents were placed in a basement on May 11, and some of them managed to escape and reach the volunteers on May 13. The prosecutorʼs office started a pre-trial investigation into the violation of the laws and customs of war.