The USA approved the sale of three HIMARS installations to Ukraine

Kostia Andreikovets

The US State Department has approved the urgent sale to the Ukrainian government of three HIMARS multiple rocket launcher systems for approximately $30 million.

This is stated in the message of the Agency for cooperation in the field of security of the Pentagon.

These three HIMARS will be purchased for Ukraine by the German government, as previously announced by the Minister of Defense of Germany, Boris Pistorius. In the statement of the department, it is said that the government of Ukraine previously applied for the purchase of these anti-aircraft guns.

State Secretary Anthony Blinken noted that there is an emergency situation that requires the urgent sale of the specified systems to Ukraine. They will come from United States Army stocks.

  • The M142 HIMARS MLRS is a wheeled lightweight version of the M270 MLRS tracked MLRS. It is intended for "shoot-and-run" tactics. HIMARS can launch a wide range of ammunition of different ranges, including ATACMS ballistic missiles. The Armed Forces have had HIMARS and M270 in service since 2022, but the Russians have already destroyed or damaged a certain number of installations.